学校的官方认证 司法常务官办公室 证明你在美国的注册状态.S. 退伍军人事务部(VA). VA determines your eligibility to receive educational assistance, 发放福利和支付款项. Before the school certifying official can certify your enrollment, you must submit an application for education 好处 to Veteran's Affairs and:


  • After you register for classes for the semester for which you would like to be certified
  • 当你改变你的地址或电话号码
  • When you change your degree program, major or catalog
  • When you add or drop classes, or withdraw from ENMU
  • If you take classes at another institution while pursuing a degree at ENMU, 你希望这些课程获得退伍军人事务部的认证


Office Location: 政府 Building (ADM), Room 105


  • 通知退伍军人管理局:
    • 你的学位课程
    • The number of hours you are taking which apply toward your degree
    • 每节课的开始和结束日期
    • 学费和必要的强制性费用
  • Keep a record of your educational 好处 paperwork processed at ENMU according to record retention policies
  • Advise you about VA policies and procedures regarding your benefit
  • 根据第21-1-4节.5 NMSA 1978 – The VA Certification Official will submit an out-of-state waiver request to the 财政援助办公室 for all students using GI Bill® 好处 in order for the student to be charged ENMU's in-state tuition rate.

GI Bill是美国的注册商标.退伍军人事务部(VA). More information about education 好处 offered by VA is available at the U.美国政府网站 www.好处.va.gov / gibill